Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sport activities of your friends are displayed

Check out what your friends did ...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Redesign of event popups + extended sports support

1. Popups to add and update events are redesigned, hopefully it's better now
2. File uploading is done the same way as normal events with possibility to add and remove events directly from the file upload window
3. Big redesign of sport event concepts.
Every sport might have few additional fields now (see picture). If you need some more fields for your sport, let us know. Later it will be possible to see statistics in the graphs:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Support for organizations and teams creation

Organizations can create teams and assign coaches and athletes to every team.

1. Register at Sportaxy as an Organization

2. Invite people to your organization

3. Create a team and assign people to the team as coaches or athletes

4. Coaches will see team athletes in their calendars and athletes will see their coaches.

New version of polarpersonaltrainer supported

Polar introduced new changes to their exported files.

Now Sportaxy can extract these new file format and process the heart rate and elevation.
I also asked polar to add latitude and longitude to these files so that the position on the map can be tracked.

Here is how it works:

I. Extract an xml file from polar

II. Upload the xml file to Sportaxy and add workouts

III. Open the created event and click on "View" button

IV. See you heart rate and elevation. I hope polar will add latitute/longitude soon.

Small improvements for file upload

When you upload a file, you can
1. directly remove exercises if they are not needed
2. Input the description