Saturday, December 31, 2011

Training zones redesigned and Internet Explorer is supported

Done lately:
1. Processing of training zones is redesigned:
    There is a special field where zones distribution can be specified for workouts
2. Workload is recalculated for manual zones distribution
3. Manually added zones are taken into account and displayed on graphs
4. Internet explorer is supported

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Google map for events added

You can see you track on Google map now.

Few examples:

Fixed problems with file uploads

1. File size limits and file extensions checks are done in the browser
and user is notified if a file is too big or has wrong extension

2. Fixed annoying bug when big files were not loaded from time to time (Failed message).
Now everything should be ok. If something is wrong let me know.

File size limit is 10mb.

Share your sport events with others

New things added recently

1. Generator popup is redesigned. Period name is added.

2. The statistics are taken from uploaded files (heart rate, elevation, etc)
This statistics can be see on the graph afterwards when full page for event is open.

3. Events can be made public. Means everybody can see them without being logged in.
This way you can share your events (workouts, plans, races) everywhere on the web.

Few examples:

Next: show you track on google map for these events

Sunday, December 4, 2011

New sports and sports restructuring

1. separation between endurance and non-endurance sports
2. New sports: dance, strength (legs, core, arms), alpine ski + pics for them
3. fixed bug with scrollbar for sports
4. Workload is not calculated for non-endurance sports

Saturday, December 3, 2011

New analysis functionalities are out!

1. Analysis: filter by sport
2. Analysis: advanced parameters for daily stats (from, to) + filter by sport + totals statistics for a period
3. Fix small bug with statistics calculation, all statistics are updated to new values

Actually, all the things that were on todo list for analysis are accomplished now. If there are problems or suggestions to improve or something is not very clear, pls let me know.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Greatly improved analysis category

The analysis category in Sportaxy was considerably reworked. Give it a try.
Yearly statistics added. You can navigate directly jump to any date to see statistics
or navigate left and right though the days.

The new changes include:

1. Images for sub-sports are added
2. Many small bugs are fixed
3. Redesigned a window for working with workouts and plans
4. Enhanced the general loading speed for Sportaxy
5. GREATLY improved analysis!
6. Improved navigation through the training calendar

Next is to add sorting by different sports in analysis.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Many new changes

First of all, main page has a new Dashboard-like design where you can have a quick overview of what is going on (it will be further improved). This page is completely rendered by NodeJS engine.

Afterwards, sports images are added everywhere where sport is present. Popup for choosing sports is redesigned and only sports chosen by a user are shown in a popup (both for FF and Chrome/Safari)

A small bug fixed when uploading training log files.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Performance news and Sportaxy future

You probably noticed that after some time Sportaxy became much faster and more stable.

Well, not many new features lately since I was concentrating on optimizations, but
don't worry - there will be new features soon. I am currenly integrating a very fast and scalable framework.
It takes some time, but it'll pay back!

New features that are coming:
1. Power statistics are extracted from Garmin files
2. More precise algorithms to calculate workload
3. Lydiard running generator

For now, enjoy the relatively new feature - Translation! Help us to translate Sportaxy into your native language!
Sportaxy is for you and powered by you! Don't hesitate to offer your help :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Google Chrome support on Windows

I fixed some bugs for Google Chrome on Windows.

Seems as it was hard to click on an event or context menu.
Now it should work smoothly.

Enjoy, Windows users :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

File uploads and new forum at Sportaxy

File upload to calendar is supported now for the following file formats:

*.tcx - Garmin Training Center Database v2
*.fitlog - Fitness Logbook
*.sdf - Suunto (T6, T6C, ...)
*.hrm - Polar HRM

Forum was added to Sportaxy. You can ask questions, discuss things, suggest ideas.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Automatic workouts creation from uploaded file

Great new feature is out there.

You can upload file with several workouts and Sportaxy will automatically generate workouts for you.
Currently we support only Garmin(.tcx - files). SportTracks (.fitlog) will be supported very soon.
If you use other format let us know and we will add it.

Here is how it works for Garmin.
In Garmin Training Center I select menu "View" -> "History grouping" -> "Week". Then I rightclick on a week that interests me, then export it as .tcx file.

Afterwards, on the top of Sportaxy training calendar I click "Upload file". Then I add exported .tcx file.
Sportaxy shows you workouts in this file and you can either add all of them or some of them into your calendar. You can also do small changes in every single workout: change sports, workload, distance, time, etc.

This should speed up a lot adding training logs into your calendar.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New changes

Here is a list of things done lately

* new name (Trainandrace -> Sportaxy)
* popup coloring for events
* manual workload - you can add workload manually
* new design of few things
* Visual interface (as it was in Firefox) is now available in Chrome and Safari
* sport images - (every event now has an image according to the sports specified inside)
* some other visual improvements

Coming soon:
* possibility to specify zones for plans
* plans statistics
* possibility to compare plans vs. workouts on analysis graphs

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Analysis graphs redesign

Great news.

I improved a lot the graphs with training statistics.
First of all, the visual appearance of graphs and its scaling are improved.

You can click on any graph to see it in a bigger window (ESC keyboard button to close)

There are three sections that allow to see statistics by day, by week and by month.
For day it shows data for the last 40 days. For week and month -
for the last 12 weeks and 12 month accordingly.

You can watch now the distribution
of training hours in every training zone (both weekly and monthly)

Hope it will help in analyzing and improving you trainings
and get better results in races.

I will still need to do some work to improve the performance,
since there are quite a lot of calculations on the database level.

And I still plan to add some other graphs with statistics.

If you have any special need or suggestions, do not hesitate
to tell me.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Graphs are improved

You can click now on any graph and see it in a bigger screen.

"ESC" button on your keyboard to close any popup ...

Some additional graphs and graphs filtering are underway ...