Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Analysis graphs redesign

Great news.

I improved a lot the graphs with training statistics.
First of all, the visual appearance of graphs and its scaling are improved.

You can click on any graph to see it in a bigger window (ESC keyboard button to close)

There are three sections that allow to see statistics by day, by week and by month.
For day it shows data for the last 40 days. For week and month -
for the last 12 weeks and 12 month accordingly.

You can watch now the distribution
of training hours in every training zone (both weekly and monthly)

Hope it will help in analyzing and improving you trainings
and get better results in races.

I will still need to do some work to improve the performance,
since there are quite a lot of calculations on the database level.

And I still plan to add some other graphs with statistics.

If you have any special need or suggestions, do not hesitate
to tell me.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Graphs are improved

You can click now on any graph and see it in a bigger screen.

"ESC" button on your keyboard to close any popup ...

Some additional graphs and graphs filtering are underway ...