Saturday, December 31, 2011

Training zones redesigned and Internet Explorer is supported

Done lately:
1. Processing of training zones is redesigned:
    There is a special field where zones distribution can be specified for workouts
2. Workload is recalculated for manual zones distribution
3. Manually added zones are taken into account and displayed on graphs
4. Internet explorer is supported

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Google map for events added

You can see you track on Google map now.

Few examples:

Fixed problems with file uploads

1. File size limits and file extensions checks are done in the browser
and user is notified if a file is too big or has wrong extension

2. Fixed annoying bug when big files were not loaded from time to time (Failed message).
Now everything should be ok. If something is wrong let me know.

File size limit is 10mb.

Share your sport events with others

New things added recently

1. Generator popup is redesigned. Period name is added.

2. The statistics are taken from uploaded files (heart rate, elevation, etc)
This statistics can be see on the graph afterwards when full page for event is open.

3. Events can be made public. Means everybody can see them without being logged in.
This way you can share your events (workouts, plans, races) everywhere on the web.

Few examples:

Next: show you track on google map for these events

Sunday, December 4, 2011

New sports and sports restructuring

1. separation between endurance and non-endurance sports
2. New sports: dance, strength (legs, core, arms), alpine ski + pics for them
3. fixed bug with scrollbar for sports
4. Workload is not calculated for non-endurance sports

Saturday, December 3, 2011

New analysis functionalities are out!

1. Analysis: filter by sport
2. Analysis: advanced parameters for daily stats (from, to) + filter by sport + totals statistics for a period
3. Fix small bug with statistics calculation, all statistics are updated to new values

Actually, all the things that were on todo list for analysis are accomplished now. If there are problems or suggestions to improve or something is not very clear, pls let me know.