Sunday, June 27, 2010

Auto training generator works now for weeks

The generator that allows to automatically create workouts for a specified week was added. You can specify on which days you normally train, how many workouts you can do at every particular day. You can manually add days when you can't train (go to a conference, busy at work, etc.) and add plan you would definitely like to do this week.

Then you call generator, it takes everything into account and creates a training weeks that both take into account your preferences and best distribution of training hours over a week.

So, how it works.
1) You specify in settings how many hours per year you want to train and on which day of week how many workouts you can do.
2) You add some race with priority 'A' into you calendar.
3) You go then to planning and click "Generate".
This will assign hours to every week.
4) You go back to calendar and for every week in "Per week" you see a small button.
You click on this button and you see a Generator for a week.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Map for events is added

A map was added where users can add different types of events:
competition, camp, training

People also can add their addresses

Filter allows to filter items on the map by different parameters
(type: people, camp, training, competition, etc.; date, sport)

A special support for adding official competitions/clubs on the map for
organizators is coming!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Account for Competitions organizators + extended user profile

The competitions organizators can create now a special account where they can register their competitions (not done yet!).

When user creates an account he can choose if he is a general user or a race/competition organizator.

Also for both general user and organizator there is an extended user profile where user can specify birth date, contact info, name, etc.