Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Documentation is started

I wrote some documentation for Train&Race

The description of training zones based on Anaerobic and Aerobic thresholds is decribed here: http://trainandrace.com/help/en/settings/my_sports.html

How to work with trainings generator is described here: http://trainandrace.com/help/en/tutorial/generate_trainings.html

I also described how training progress can be analyzed with the following characteristics: Training Stress Score (TSS) or workload, Cumulative Training Load (CTL) or fitness, Acute Training Load (ATL) or fatigue, Training Stress Balance (TSB) or form.
It is done here: http://trainandrace.com/help/en/tutorial/analyze_ctl_atl.html

The next feature that is coming soon is the detailed description for every automatically generated workout.