Wednesday, May 25, 2011

File uploads and new forum at Sportaxy

File upload to calendar is supported now for the following file formats:

*.tcx - Garmin Training Center Database v2
*.fitlog - Fitness Logbook
*.sdf - Suunto (T6, T6C, ...)
*.hrm - Polar HRM

Forum was added to Sportaxy. You can ask questions, discuss things, suggest ideas.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Automatic workouts creation from uploaded file

Great new feature is out there.

You can upload file with several workouts and Sportaxy will automatically generate workouts for you.
Currently we support only Garmin(.tcx - files). SportTracks (.fitlog) will be supported very soon.
If you use other format let us know and we will add it.

Here is how it works for Garmin.
In Garmin Training Center I select menu "View" -> "History grouping" -> "Week". Then I rightclick on a week that interests me, then export it as .tcx file.

Afterwards, on the top of Sportaxy training calendar I click "Upload file". Then I add exported .tcx file.
Sportaxy shows you workouts in this file and you can either add all of them or some of them into your calendar. You can also do small changes in every single workout: change sports, workload, distance, time, etc.

This should speed up a lot adding training logs into your calendar.